Imaginando has released ‘FRMS – Granular Synthesizer’, for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

Portuguese based Imaginando announced today the launch of a brand new virtual instrument, with the worldwide release of FRMS for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The second software synth from Imaginando, FRMS combines granular, subtractive and FM synthesis, with a flexible layering system.

How does the layering system work?
Each sound consists of up to 4 layers, each of which can be either granulator or oscillator, but can also work as an FM operator. This allows for a wide range of creative possibilities, with deep modulation options available for each layer.

What kind of sounds can be granulated?
FRMS comes with its own built-in library of more than 100 high-quality samples, it can load audio files, record audio to use as a sample, and even granulate live audio. FRMS comes loaded with a bank of 150 preset patches to spark your inspiration too.

Is FRMS Cloud Sync compatible?
FRMS comes with Imaginando’s Cloud Sync technology built in across all versions – it’s as simple as signing in to your Imaginando account inside the app/plugin.

What platforms/versions of FRMS are available?
FRMS is available as a standalone 64 bit app for Windows and Mac OS from the Imaginando website, on iOS from the App Store and on Android from Google Play. It is also available in the following plugin formats: VST, AU, AAX, AUv3.

How is FRMS priced?
FRMS for PC and Mac is available for a one time purchase of 119 EUR or via Imaginando’s Rent To Own payment plan of 11.90 EUR for 12 months. On mobile FRMS is priced at 14.99 EUR. At launch there is a special promotion offering 50% off one time purchases until 12th April (Excludes Rent To Own):

For more info, go to Imaginando’s product page –

Desktop – 59 EUR
iOS & Android – 7.99 EUR

About Imaginando
Imaginando is a creative music technology company based in Braga, Portugal. Founded by Nuno Santos in 2014, it continues to develop innovative applications and tools for musicians, based on its philosophy of “combining music with technology to create inspiring musical experiences”.

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