Described as the “portable, easy-to-use guitar-like instrument for iOS,” JamStik has seen quite a bit of praise and adulation this year. Already JamStick has been the talk of the show during its debut at CES in January. It was later named  “one of 10 world-changing devices among Popular Science’s 2013 Invention Awards.”

On April 19th, Zivix (the makers of JamStik)  joined forces with popular crowd-fuding site, Indiegogo, to raise awareness and $100,000 dollars in consumer invested funds. Within two weeks of its Indiegogo crowd-funding debut, JamStick reached and exceeded  its goal.

So you may wonder why bboytechreport, a beat makers blog,  would choose to cover a guitar controller for iOS with real strings and infrared touch technology? Well, there are more beatmakers than you could imagine that dabble in all sorts of instruments, including guitar and bass. The difference is that most havent been formerly trained in the instruments that they may aspire to play. JamStik incorporates the learning technology, tactile control and dozens of iOS apps with the ability to make the jamming and learning process fun and portable. JamStik solves a real problem that I’m certain beat makers have experienced. Not to mention, I’m always fascinated with the technology that advances one’s ability to make music in cutting edge ways.

JamStik is also compatible with many of the apps that I’ve raved about here in these pages (Arctic Keys, iPoly 6, Animoog etc). This is much more than just a tool for learning. The possibilities for JamStik seem endless.

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Zivix also recently  announced

the company will be donating multiple JamStiks to the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA). The donation of the company’s portable, easy-to-use guitar-like instrument for iOS will become an engaging musical piece of the CCA’s innovative MusicRx and MyMusicRx programs, further enabling children to express themselves by writing their own “music prescription” at Oregon hospitals

About JamStik

Making its debut in Las Vegas at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, Zivix demonstrated for attendees how JamStik bridges music with mobile technology to provide consumers with a real-time, life-like guitar experience on the go.  The easy-to-use instrument transforms your mobile device into a guitar speaker and musical interface with real strings and frets that users can pluck and play while experiencing the real “feel” of a traditional guitar. Based on the company’s multi-patented IR fingertip-sensing technology, JamStik delivers an authentic guitar experience in a mobile-friendly style and with mobile-friendly connectivity.


Care to contribute and become an early adopter for a piece of cool tech? Check out the crowd-funding page for Zivix Jamstik

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