IK Multimedia Syntronik Review by Stoni Music
38 Classic Instruments2000 presetsExcellent soundDope ArpegiatorLayering up to 4 presets across all synthsExpertly Modeled Filters (Minimoog, Jupiter, Prophet 5, Oberheim, SEM)
96%So much synth goodness.
Ease of Use95%
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Stoni Music takes a look at IK Multimedia’s Syntronik right here on BBoyTechReport.com

Syntronik It’s a powerhouse of a synth that gives you some of the most beautifully classic tones and synth sounds of past decades.

IK Multimedia went in on the sound design aspects of Syntronik. In addition to meticulously sampling the oscillators of all of these classic synths, IK Multimedia modeled the filters of four classics and made them selectable in every synth preset.

we evolved our synth engine to include circuit-level filter models of 4 of the best sounding machines of all time; Moog transistor ladder, (found in the Minimoog and Modular Moog), Roland’s IR3109 chip (found in the Jupiter-8 and Juno-60), the famous Curtis CEM3320 chip (found in the Prophet-5 and Oberheim OB-Xa) and the Oberheim SEM state variable filter.

Another exciting part about Syntronik is the DRIFT technology that IK Multimedia designed to provide that extra bit of inaccurate life and magic that we all love so much about the real analog classics. Most of us know that the imperfections of the classic synths is sometimes as beautiful and desirable as the synth itself. Most times it’s just not enough to sample or model the classics because there is so much that is missed without those nuances of the discrete analog components working (or not working) together. For that we take our hats off to IK Multimedia for their hybrid sort of approach with Syntronik.

IK’s DRIFT technology varies the phase, color and pitch of the sampled oscillators to keep them moving just like the real analog oscillators do.

As if that weren’t enough, Syntronik comes loaded with a mega bundle of lunchbox style effects plucked directly from the best of TRacks and Amplitube. It also includes a dope arp and the ability to layer any of the 38 synths across four layers for some of the most lush and incredible patches you can imagine.

Syntronik includes the following 38 amazing synths and string machines offering more than 2,000 instrument presets:

  • Alesis Andromeda
  • ARP 2600
  • ARP String Ensemble (Solina)
  • Elka Rhapsody 490
  • Hohner String Performer
  • Micromoog
  • Minimoog Model D
  • Modular Moog
  • Moog Opus 3
  • Moog Prodigy
  • Moog Rogue
  • Moog Taurus I
  • Moog Taurus II
  • Moog Taurus 3
  • Moog Voyager
  • Multimoog
  • Oberheim OB-X
  • Oberheim OB-Xa
  • Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module)
  • Polymoog
  • PPG Wave 2.3
  • Realistic Concertmate MG-1
  • Roland Juno-60
  • Roland Jupiter-4
  • Roland Jupiter-6
  • Roland Jupiter-8
  • Roland JX-10
  • Roland JX-3P
  • Roland JX-8P
  • Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings
  • Roland RS-505 Paraphonic
  • Roland TB-303 Bassline
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet-10
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
  • Yamaha CS-01II
  • Yamaha CS-80
  • Yamaha GX-1
  • Yamaha SY99
IK Multimedia did an incredible job at meticulously sampling each and every instrument listed above. The end result is nothing short of amazing.
As per IK Multimedia
When it comes to accurately reproducing the sound of timeless machines like Moog, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, ARP, Roland and Yamaha vintage synthesizers, sampling their sound-generating oscillators is the only way to ensure truly authentic sounds. We selected some of the most sought after synthesizers, sourced only the best instruments from private collections, and painstakingly sampled them. Sound designers worked hand in hand with software developers to take full advantage of this “synthesizer DNA,” with the goal of offering a highly flexible instrument that would maintain the exact sonic character of the originals while extending their creative potential even further. We have captured multiple round robins of single oscillators, oscillator combinations (including sync and FM sweeps) and after more than 70,000 samples and 50GB later, Syntronik is ready to set a new standard in the world of virtual instruments.
It was tough to find anything not to like about Syntronik. It sounds incredible and it provides what they said it would. Plus, it adds so much great functionality with the arp, layering, the four filters – all of which can be mixed and matched across all included synths. For the cost, Syntronik is an incredible value. If you can only buy one software synth this season and your tastes lean towards the classics, Syntronik is the synth to buy.
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