About BBoy Tech Report

B-Boy Tech Report is the Beat Makers Lifestyle Blog, the intersection where hip-hop and technology meet.  If you are passionate about beat making, hip-hop and related technology, this is where it all comes together.

The goal is to facilitate an informative and entertaining blog space with a viewpoint slanted towards hip-hop culture for a niche market of electronic musicians, beat makers, related technology enthusiasts and of course those of us who enjoy hip-hop music. The blog features product reviews, interviews, beat-making tips, tech articles & gear news.

In the world of “Beat Making” technology, Hip Hop, Music Gear and gadgetry (even art and fashion) combine to make a rather specific lifestyle. The Beat Makers lifestyle. B-Boy Tech Report is the blog space where it all comes together for the b-boy, the producer and the tech enthusiast alike.

If you enjoy making beats via computer, mobile devices or groove boxes or if you are the techie sort of jet-setter type that depends on your compartmentalized backpack, iOS devices, travel sized controllers, apps and hi fidelity headphones to get you thru your travels, B-Boy Tech Report is your go to blog-zine for information specific to your Beat Makers lifestyle.


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Product Reviews

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Artist Features / Album Reviews

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