IK Multimedia announced today that AmpliTube, the leading guitar/bass multi-FX and recording app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is now Audiobus compatible. Audiobus is a groundbreaking new app (developed by A Tasty Pixel in cooperation with Audanika) that allows users to connect the audio of up to 3 apps, opening up countless new sonic possibilities.

For example Audiobus lets users send audio out of one app, filter it through the next one in the chain, and receive it in the third. Asynth could be looped by a looper and its output sent to a recorder; or an electric piano could be run through a guitar multi-FX app and then into a sampler — all in real time. AmpliTube is an excellent choice for any of the three slots in the Audiobus chain, thanks to its versatile feature set that includes amp-and-effects modeling, Loop Drummer (an integrated drum module), and a multitrack recorder.

Audiobus support is included in all versions and levels of AmpliTube version 2.9.5; including AmpliTube, AmpliTube LE and AmpliTube FREE for iPhone and iPod touch; and the full and free versions of AmpliTube for iPad.

There are currently over 60 apps supporting Audiobus from premium music app manufacturers like Korg®, Steinberg®, Moog®, Propellerhead® and many others, covering the widest range of music applications including synths and instruments, multitrack recorders and studios, real-time effects and loopers and many more. For a complete list please visit http://audiob.us/apps.

To enable this new feature and have AmpliTube work with other compatible Audiobus apps, users must install the Audiobus app (which must be purchased separately on the App Store) on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

IK offers multiple options for plugging guitars, basses and other electric instruments into an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, for use with AmpliTube, Audiobus, and other compatible music apps. These include iRig, the most popular guitar/bass input adapter of all time; iRig HD, the new high-definition interface; and iRig STOMP, the first stompbox-style iPhone, iPad and iPod touch interface.

Pricing and Availability:

AmpliTube with the new Audiobus feature is a free upgrade for existing AmpliTube owners. Audiobus sells separately on the App Store for only $9.99. For new users the full version of AmpliTube is available for $19.99 from the App Store. A free version is also available for both iPhone and iPad.

For more information on AmpliTube, please visit: www.amplitube.com

For more information on Audiobus, please visit: www.audiob.us


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