The Procussions began as a 4 man hiphop group in 1998. They dropped their debut indie hiphop EP, Up All night, in 2003. They are the group that helped relaunch Rawkus Records in 2006 with their underground classic, 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents. Since then the group has had their share of ups and downs with one member taking ill and another leaving the group. A group hiatus sent the remaining members on solo journeys.

Now regrouping as a crew of two, Mr. J. Medeiros and Stro Elliot, are relaunching The Procussions brand with a fresh new self titled EP. The Procussions EP finds Stro Elliot banging out the lions share of the production.  Together the pair hold it down on the mic with undeniable chemistry. It’s easy to see how they’ve persevered as a group through the years. They make great music together and seem to know and play their positions rather well.

The Procussions EP is said to be “The official prelude to the summer release of their junior album (also self-titled) due out Sept. 2nd 2013, the project packs five original jams from the Los Angeles underground duo. Included are the lead single, “On a Mountain”, the follow-up “The Fringe”,  “Today” feat. Candian Rapper Shad…”

Although the guys might not admit it there is an active 3rd member on this “The Procussions EP.” It’s the drums. But there is no wonder why the drums bang as they do throughout the project. Some may not know that Stro Elliot is a drummer. He certainly frames this talent well on cuts like “Iron Vox” where he and Mr. J. Medeiros effortlessly trade verses on this joint that is rather reminiscent of a new school PE or Rage Against the Machine sort of tune.

On “Fringe” Stro Elliot opens it up nicely

Disillusional fool stuck in menial moonstruck museums
Seeing nothing but the back of a tool truck
Believing I could fix somethin, gon’ get somethin boy now fetch that
Cheese on top of that mouse trap, but we ain’t no clown rats
We built this city on sound tracks

A bit of guitar with big drums and various synthy playing about make the perfect backdrop for Stro and his partner in rhyme to bounce verses off of one another. One thing that clearly stands out to me is the fact that The Procussions have mastered the art of not only weaving poetical themes together but they also masters at song arrangement. A listen to  “Fringe” will take you on a bit of a ride. It’s refreshing.

Today” has a smooth banging sort of flavor. It adds a nice contrast yet consistent flavor to the project. The melodious hook needs no assistance from lyrics in any form. Still without a vocalized hook “Today” stands strong on its own. The live trumpet in the end is a nice touch.

Then there is “On A Mountain feat. Logan” an up beat happy sort of joint. Not my favorite over all because it’s a bit too happy but in listening to the EP it’s grown on me. It’s catchy. After all when you find yourself humming along you have to admit its a well done tune. The fact is that this joint has crossover potential with its infectious hook crooned so well by Logan along with The Procussions’ “Can I Kick It” sort of flow.

Now lets talk about the current lead single “Insomnia.” This cut plays like an excursion into one mans inner visions during a night of unrest. Mr. J. Medeiros’ cadence is rapid, as per usual. Still, even in his brisk and swagged out flow, J. remains calm in his delivery as if conversing and pondering with himself alone in a room full of listeners. Meanwhile, Stro Elliot, hardly  a slouch with this track held down by its warm punchy kick and thud-like snare (with the “latch off”) drum bounce that builds with the mood of the flow and concept of the song itself. As J.’s cadence builds the track crescendos right along with it. And the guy… there is a guy chanting something throughout the cut but I can’t make it out. It matters not though. It adds to the ambiance and character of the song overall.

Peep a bit of Mr. J. Medeiros lyrics.

Insomnia – My lady by my side I got my arm on her
The night is like my mistress and she don’t like what this is
If she did I’d get along with her
Her body burns into that night fire
Set up camp so I can write by her
Hoping there’s a chance I can do right by her

Also now available for pre-oder is The Procussions 7 song EP on 12” Vinyl, European pressing, very limited- with alternative cover art. This physical release features two currently unheard track, “Foreword” and “Modern Warfare”.

Head over to The Procussions bandcamp page to cop a download of the EP. While you are there check out there earlier offerings too.

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