Beat Making on the MPC5000 is not a simple a rewrite of the manual that Akai provides with the MPC 5000. Beat Making on the MPC5000 is intended to be a companion book, so to speak. In particular for the MPC 5000 owner who has no previous experience with MPC’s and/or professional studio gear. According to the author, Andy Avgousti a.k.a. MPC Tutor, “The aim of this book was never to replace the manual, I just wanted to take the most important functions of the MPC5000 and explain them in the simplest way possible using step-by-step tutorials and audio examples to get the points over more clearly…” I think he accomplished his goal with Beat Making on the MPC5000.

From the moment you dig into Beat Making on the MPC5000 you will see that Andy jumps right in with unpacking and setting up the MPC in your workspace. He then proceeds to explain the audio and other I/O connections on the MPC 5000. This is great considering everyone wants to make beats but so many have no clue where to start or even what any of this stuff is. That’s where this book comes in handy. But fret not all of you more experienced MPC heads, no matter your level of experience I’d be willing to bet this book has something to offer to you as well.

I have to say that when I copped my first MPC I wasn’t aware of any resource like this book. I relied on two buddies of mine that had MPCs or other equipment. We always shared tips and tricks and walked one another through our latest discoveries and techniques. Well, consider Andy Avgousti’s Beat Making on the MPC5000 e-book as your homeboy that stands full of knowledge ready willing and able to share tons of tips and tricks with you as you begin your journey to understanding the MPC 5000.

One of my favorite parts of the book happens to be related to one of my favorite parts of the MPC 5000 itself. The synth gets a thorough overview here. Andy dives deep into the synth, explaining every parameter, setting and feature including the arpeggiator and its settings. Want to create your own synth patch on the MPC 5000? Beat Making on the MPC5000 has your covered somewhere around page 196.

Beat Making on the MPC5000 is comprised of 417 pages, 6 sections and 50 chapters of pure MPC learning in the most comprehensive sense possible. Topics covered within these chapters include, understanding midi, understanding mono and stereo, editing samples, looping, internal mixer, effects and settings, the synth etc etc. and that’s only the first section of the book.

Beat Making on the MPC5000 also comes with an abundance of tutorial files. To be exact, the e-book comes with 600 tutorial files (including WAVs, PGMs, and SEQ files). In effect this gives the reader a pretty decent goldmine of samples to throw into their own sample libraries when it’s all said and done.

I’d recommend Beat Making on the MPC5000 by Andy Avgousti to anyone contemplating the purchase of the MPC 5000 or anyone who currently owns the MPC 5000. Even if you are king ninja fingers on the MPC I’m sure that this book has something to offer to you. With such a comprehensive set of tutorials comprised of such intuitive step by step instructions, I’d consider Beat Making on the MPC5000 a great reference book for those times when you cant really recall how to do a given process on the MPC 5000. It’s like one of those trade books that you should read cover to cover but even if you never read it from cover to cover it is one of the best tools you can have on your shelf as a golden reference and resource.

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