If you’ve read these pages you might have seen the Beat Makers Tool Kit feature entitled “These Are The Breaks.” In that particular episode of Beat Maker Tool Kit we mentioned 5 sources for good break beats. Some were old, some were new and some were rare.  Which brings me to the International Breaks 101 entry from our friend the Drum Broker (@DrumBroker) over at HipHopDrumSamples.com. The International Breaks 101 kit is loaded with 101 and rare, international breaks from decades ago and would compliment any beatmakers drum library.

Fast forward to May of 2013 and you’ll find that HipHopDrumSamples.com has taken things up a notch by offering this very collection of rare International Breaks on vinyl. Internationals Breaks 101 (12″ Vinyl) is for all you the purists, beat jugglers and beat makers that are more prone to sampling from wax, this is a rare and welcomed opportunity to get vintage breaks into your collection on new wax.

According to the International Breaks 101 product page these breaks are “Ready to chop, loop, and layer, International Breaks 101 features 101 breaks from the late 60’s to early 80’s. Our team assembled a comprehensive break beat kit with ultra rare gems from Russia, China, Thailand, India, Korea, Japan, Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, UK, and Brazil.”

Head over to cop yours before it’s too late. The vinyl retails for $14.99. It contains 51 breaks on Side A and 50 breaks on Side B.

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