I recall rocking the Procussions album “5 Sparrows for 2 Cents” a few years back and thinking “Damn these cats are ill!” This was during a time when the landscape was changing in the music industry. No one really knew what was to come. During that time a lot of good hip hop was slept on and swept under the rug but if you really wanted that good good music you could scour the internet for it which is how I came across The Procussions.

So fast forward to 2012 and to my delight I find that this is still the case… if you want good music all you have to do is look for it. I for one am all about good music. So, here we find former Procussions emcee, Mr. J. Medeiros, as front and center solo emcee with former group-mate Stro Elliot on the beat. By the way, Stro himself is a talented musician / drummer who, in fact, produced this cut “The Rockies.” Dig how he plays the back with the Akai MPD 16 controller while Mr. J. Medeiros is killing it!

Without further ado, here is Mr. J. Medeiros official video for the Stro Elliot produced “The Rockies”… Enjoy. I know I did.

About Mr. J. Medeiros …

With the ever changing music industry, and the race to find new ways to promote independent music, Mr. J. Medeiros took a creative approach to releasing his third full-length album “Saudade”. In the summer of 2011 he worked exclusively with “indiegogo”, a crowd-funding resource site, and handed the role of executive producer to his fans. In three months Mr. J. fans gave triple the asking amount, an event large enough to be referenced in a “Business Insider” article on crowd sourcing. MTV also got involved with the release as the music video for the lead single, “Neon Signs” won the MTVu.com Freshman Video challenge, putting the video into regular rotation on MTVu, yet another testament to the strength of Medeiros’s fans base. From an artistic perspective, “Saudade” reveals a wealth of musical and personal experience. Written by himself and introducing his production team “The Stare” (consisting of Mr. J. Medeiros, Stro Elliot, and Luke Atencio) “Saudade” received high honors from numerous publications sighting the albums diverse yet cohesive nature and frequently describing the result as “beautiful” and “original”.

Mr. J. Medeiros is considered one of Hip Hop’s most innovative and insightful artists. He has spent his career building a name that is synonymous with quality and consistency. His forthcoming EP, “Pale Blue Dot”, will prove to be his greatest work to date, exposing his artistic prowess  as he takes brave steps into a new sound.

Video Directed by http://lukeatencio.com

FREE DOWNLOAD: http://mrjmedeiros.bandcamp.com/track/the-rockies
ITUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mr.-j.-medeiros/id264452876
WEBSITE: http://mrjmedeiros.com
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