Arturia’s iMini iOS app now supports Audiobus. In a simple statement on their Facebook page, Audiobus wrote “iMini supports Audiobus now! Everybody rejoice!”

This is exciting news if you’ve been following Arturia’s iMini since it dropped. We did a review shortly there after (click here). If I recall correctly one of my biggest wishlist items for iMini was Audiobus compatability.

“In conclusion, iMini is a power house of an iOS synth app. It sounds good and fits into a beat makers workflow perfectly, particularly for the TableTop user. I give iMini high marks but it falls slightly short of a perfect score because of the lightweight midi implementation and lack of Audiobus. ” – (03/01/13)

The addition of Audiobus comes in the latest, and first, update to iMini version 1.1. Here’s whats new in this version 1.1 update

  • Audiobus! Connect iMini to GarageBand and other DAWS.
  • Background audio: iMini responds to midi even in the background
  • Virtual midi: iMini responds to other apps that send midi
  • Ignore midi devices: select midi devices to not respond too
Check out the demonstration video from Arturia…
Download version 1.1 today on iTunes


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