Marco Polo & the legendary Big Daddy Kane team up for “Nite & Day” with cuts and scratches by Shilo. Maybe a bit late (2 months) to this party but its too dope to not post. Plus some of you may not heard it yet.

It’s a rather cool premise from which this release / leak was born. According to Marco Polo “I’ve recorded so much quality material over the last few years and I really want to share it all. It couldn’t all possibly fit on “Port Authority 2”; hence “Newport Authority 2” came to be.””

Marco Polo, always nice on the beats and samples, grabs a bit of Al B. Sure’s 80’s smash Nite & Day. The chops are nicely rearranged and perfectly complimented with some good ole boom bap drum programming. The added synth pads and lightly tickled keys lend an airy and breezy feel to the joint. Meanwhile, Shilo brings things back to the golden era with masterfully placed cuts of Nice & Smooth’s vocals “I write in the night to bring truth to the light” along with smatterings of Big Daddy Kane himself “You need knowledge well I’m dropping it”. Perhaps the most special of the cuts is the classic cuts of Big Daddy’s name peppered throughout just to let you know that you are indeed listening to the an himself.

Marco Polo is no stranger to working with legendary emcee’s like Big Daddy Kane. He actually does our golden era heroes justice with his rough and lush groove laden style of boom bap. Big Daddy without doubt spits effortlessly over the track. His lyrics sort of harken back to the days of “Lean on Me” where Kane plays the wise elder statesman putting things back into perspective for the lost ones in need of a bit of guidance. The great thing about Kane is that he is able to do this without you noticing. This is partially due to the chemistry that Kane and Polo have on this joint but largely due to the charm of Kane’s vocal.

This is one worth putting on repeat.

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