So, this is a pleasant surprise. I’ve seen the Zoia on countless desks and used with countless rigs both live and in-studio over the last year or so. It’s made quite the impact in its short time in existence. One of the most common things I’ve heard said about it is first its crazy flexibility and next is its yearning to be in eurorack format with CV.

Well, today Empress announces the ZOIA Euroburo. The ZOIA Euroburo expands on the ZOIA pedal to add a host of features including CV and the ability to be mounted into your eurorack case or into their specially fitted standalone case.

Here is the latest video on the ZOIA Euroburo by Knobs on youtube.

Here is what Empress has to say about their new ZOIA Euroburo.

Introducing the ZOIA Euroburo. 

Empress Effects has redesigned our popular ZOIA pedal, our “modular synth inside a pedal”, to be a modular synth inside your modular synth!

Zoia Euroburo in the desktop skiff.

Get all the flexibility of the ZOIA mounted in a Eurorack.  It can also be used as a standalone desktop unit with the addition of our custom enclosure; hence the “Buro” as in Bureau, like a Desk….not a Donkey.  Also, it is just fun to try and say three times fast.   With the 80+ modules including ADSRs, CV switches, slew limiters, CV loopers, 20+ effects modules and more the Euroburo can provide multiple utilities, effects, and sound sources at once.  The Euroburo provides a digital solution for all kinds of limitations you may encounter within your modular system.

New features of the ZOIA Euroburo include:

  • 4 CV In jacks- 4 CV Out jacks
  • Stereo 3.5mm audio I/O
  • Headphone Audio Out
  • 3.5mm MIDI In and Out
  • New Sample Player
  • save and load samples from the SD card or capture and playback live audio
  • Skiff friendly
  • 28mm depth with power
  • Stand-alone enclosure –  purchased separately. 

If you thought the ZOIA pedal was flexible, the addition of 4 CV ins and outs on the Euroburo allow for even more options.  Here are a few ideas on how you could use the Euroburo, but the possibilities are nearly endless:

  • Patch an LFO into the Euroburo. Mix, attenuate, slew, atenuvert and multiply the LFO.  Patch the LFO into parameters on one of the Euroburo’s studio-quality effects to modulate the effect’s parameters.  You can then patch this LFO out of one(or all four!) of the CV outs.
  • Patch a knob or fader that generates a CV signal into the Euroburo’s CV in to control multiple parameters on the Euroburo in real-time, connect the signal to a slew limiter on the Euroburo and then pass this signal on to another module.
  • Play a synth patch on your Euroburo with a MIDI controller, convert and send MIDI to CV out to other modules at the same time.

The price hasn’t been announced just yet but for more info, keep a watch on the Empress Effects site.

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