Waldorf revealed a new product and simultaneously made their first ever foray into the world of Eurorack modular synthesis. The NW1 “works something like a sampler” where you can import samples or wavetables into it to build new sounds. Included wavetables have been taken from NAVE and classic Waldorf synths.

At Winter NAMM 2015, I had the chance to chop it up with my people at Waldorf. The overview below gives us a look at the Waldorf  NW1 Wavetable module in use.

As described by Waldorf

The nw1 Wavetable Module represents Waldorf’s grand entrance into the popular Eurorack modular synth system format. It includes an advanced wavetable engine with independent control of spectral envelope and noisiness — just like Nave. Wavetable scanning is cyclic with optional modulation of travel speed, position, spectrum, and more besides. By providing the worshipped Waldorf wavetable set from the company’s classic (discontinued) Microwave and Wave synthesizers, this powder-coated, metal surfaced module will easily enrich any Eurorack modular synth system as a potently powerful sound source. Shrewdly, the nw1 Wavetable Module’s sound engine also allows for onboard creation of user wavetables via time domain multiple foldover analysis. Any sound source can be connected to the nw1 Wavetable Module via the In 1 CV (Control Voltage) input to transfer audio into a wavetable. And if that’s left you speechless then how about using its integrated speech synthesizer to translate typed text into wavetables (via a USB port with galvanic isolation)! Speaking of communicating with the outside world, two further CV inputs are also provided alongside a Gate input (for triggering wavetable travel and recording) and a main 1V/Oct CV input with Trim (for pitch control). The 32HP-width nw1 Wavetable Module comes complete with a Eurorack power connector (+/- 12V, 150mA), so it’s ready for action. Simply slot the nw1 Wavetable Module into any available space in an appropriately-equipped Eurorack modular synth system to take it to a higher levels of synthesis than ever before. But be warned: you’ll want to shout from the rooftops!


  • 21st century advanced wavetable engine
  • Cyclic wavetable scanning with modulatable position and travel speed
  • Control of spectral envelope independent of pitch
  • Adjustable periodicity up to noisy reproduction
  • Classic Waldorf wavetables included
  • Integrated speech synthesizer for wavetables
  • User-recordable wavetables


  • Gate input for triggering wavetable travel and recording
  • Main 1V/Oct CV input with trim for pitch control
  • 3 additional CV inputs for modulation and realtime wavetable recording
  • Audio output
  • USB port with galvanic isolation for wavetable transfer and text input
  • Eurorack power connector

More information here: http://www.waldorf-music.info/nw1-overview

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