Moog Music Inc releases Animoog v1.1.1 hot on the heels if the v1.1.0 release just shy of two weeks ago.Animoog v1.1.1 fixes a crashing issue with the app. Apparently, Animoog v.1.1.0 crashed on opening for many, if not all of its early adopters, so to speak. I can attest to this as I was one of those that experienced it first hand on the night of release. I kind of sucked it up when I heard you could just delete it and re-download it to resolve the crashing issue. Although, in doing so I lost a few (or more than a few) of my own presets, I still went for it. Even still i was able to load the presets that I previously downloaded and /or purchased. So far, those of you that were waiting for a fix. Its here. Go get your Animoog on now with Animoog v1.1.1.

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