At long last, Akai Pro releases the 3rd addition to the latest line of MPCs, the MPC Fly. My first choice of the 3 MPCs was the MPC Fly because it allows you to be mobile while making music with nothing more  than an ipad and this snazzy little case. Made specifically to work with your iPad and the Retronyms iMPC app, the MPC Fly has gone thru at least 3 iterations that I can recall over the last year.

Possibly the coolest thing about the MPC Fly is that it is Core MIDI compliant. This means MPC Fly  is compatible with any core midi compliant app. That mere fact alone opens up a world of possibilities. The app list is long and I plan to rock so many of them with the Fly. Beat Maker 2 comes to mind.

The new MPC Fly is being refered to as the MPC Fly 30, referencing the 30 pin connector used for older iPads. My guess is that there will be a $299 version with the lightening connector for newer iPads. At any rate, MPC Fly is now available on Akai’s site, and likely many others, for $199. As a matter of fact my first thought is that the price is  about $100 cheaper than initially advertised. I could be wrong but I dont think so. Well, enjoy the flight.


  • Brings iconic Akai Professional production capability to your iPad*
  • Compatible with virtually any Core MIDI app
  • Fitted compartment for iPad provides fully integrated portable MPC solution
  • 16 backlit genuine MPC pads with MPC Note Repeat & MPC Swing
  • Double-hinged case sits upright, lies flat, or closes for transport
  • Works seamlessly with the iMPC app (sold separately)
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Charges iPad when plugged into wall power (power adapter included)
  • Works with iPad 2 and iPad (3rd generation)
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