Retronyms dropped a surprise on us today. The legendary MPC sampling drum machine iOS app reincarnate gets an update.

iMPC was made available for the first time in December of 2012. Being one of the most anticipated music making apps that I can recall, iMPC met with mixed reviews. The lack of a few features that MPC heads considered major left a bit of a sour taste for some. But it looks like Retronyms and Akai pro have had their ears to the street and their browsers locked on the forums as they put in work on the iMPC 1.2 update.

The latest iMPC update is version 1.2. The iMPC 1.2 update includes “some highly-requested features” such as

  • mute groups
  • sample editing
  • sample tuning
  • pad cloning
  • BPM tweaking to the hundredth decimal
  • see knob values in the program editor

Let’s check out JP from Retronyms as he demonstrates the new features.

This iMPC 1.2 is a welcomed update. I’m rooting for this app and it’s nice to see that the updates are a direct result of Retronyms & Akai Pro  listening to their users and customers. If the updates continue to go in this direction iMPC will be exactly what we all wished for.

Now run out and get you update then come back and post your thoughts in the comments section.

Download iMPC from iTunes

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