The Monoprice 600800 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone is a steal of a deal. In comparing specs to other name brand mics (MXL, Blue & Rode), it was rather surprising to see that most mics with similar specs cost 2 or 3 times as much at least. I noticed well-known brand named mic priced at sub $300. This particular mic had no pad switch or high pass switch. Although it did have a slightly wider frequency response at 20hz – 20kz where the 600800 has a 30hz – 20kz response. Still in all other categories the 600800 stood up pretty nicely spec wise to microphones priced anywhere from $250 to $500 or more.

The 600800 Mic is of course a Large Diaphragm gold sputtered condenser mic with gold XLR connector, low noise level (19dB), 10dB pad switch, high pass filter roll off switch and it weighs 1lb.

It looks good too. The look is sleekly dressed in black and gold with a matching black shock mount. Incidentally, the shock mount is really easy to use with its squeeze clamp that loosens the grip for insertion, removal or adjustments to the mic’s position.

In use the mic was decent when running thru my interface directly. I thought the highs seemed a bit more pronounced than I’d prefer. Still in all the resulting vocal recording was, as I said, decent. However, when connected to my tube preamp I was given a bit more control over the sound of the mic. I pushed a bit tough into the tube and the signal out to the interface was digital (SPDIF). This is where the Monoprice 600800 went in. You may say something like “how can you judge the mic based on the sound it has when coming thru a tube preamp?!” Well, I have a $800 mic that i have judged similarly. The potential of you mic is only as good as what you run it thru. Still, be not fooled, crap mics will sound like crap no matter what you run it thru. This 600800 was nice and rich in my vocal chain. The results were better than decent, by far. I’d recommend it to anyone recording on a budget and to anyone looking to expand there mic locker inventory.

Monoprice warns, as any microphone manufacturer does, that you’ll want to be sure to have a good microphone cable to prevent degraded, noisy sound while recording. Check! I’m using a Monoprice gold-plated cable, which is equivalent to Mogami or Monster Cables. So be sure to not get those crap cables from Guitar Center’s bargain bin.

Think about this… Cop this mic with a cable, stand and popper stopper from monoprice. Then spend the cash you save on a decent preamp (BLA’s clone preamps come to mind). At that point you’ll have a vocal recording set up and vocal chain that rivals your spendy brand infatuated friends at a fraction of the cost.

There is something that I don’t like about the Monoprice 600800 microphone. In light of me bagging on “your spendy brand infatuated friends” this may sound contradictory. But I just don’t like the name of this mic. It looks so nice and sounds good. The name just seems rather “plain wrapped” style in my opinion. 600800 is, if I’m not mistaken, the catalog number. It doesn’t seem that Monoprice is too concerned with those sort of things. But I will say that judging by the look and sound of the 600800, Monoprice is focusing their efforts in the right place.

In conclusion, the Monoprice 600800 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone is solid for the price. I’m convinced that nothing in the price range of $75 (brand new) can come close to it. At least not that I know of. How is that possible? Well, thats what I asked when I spoke with the head of Monoprice’s Pro Audio line. He said “It’s simple. We sell directly to the consumer from the factory. No middle man. No outrageous mark up.”

Good work Monoprice. This is a mic well done and it wont break the bank.

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