DARU Beats

It’s always good to stumble upon some FVB (fresh vintage beats) courtesy of a hard working producer and musician like Daru Jones. Here we have Daru’s archive of 45 beats circa 1997 thru 1999. The beats are labeled outakes and left overs and they play like dirty 1990’s neo retro hip-hop. All of the beats were recorded from an Akai S900 to cassette.

More on the Akai S900 courtesy of Vintage Synth Explorer

The S900 sampler was Akai’s first truly professional sampler, released in 1986. Its sampling specifications were pro-quality at the time: 12-bit stereo sampling, 7.5kHz to 40kHz variable sampling rates and a maximum of 63 seconds of sample time at 7.5kHz. Up to 32 samples can be created and stored to disk along with any edit settings. This was one of the first rack-mount samplers to use a built-in disk drive. Although the drive could load sounds while you play, it was still a very slow process.

Currently drumming and touring with live acts such as Black Milk, Talib Kweli, Idle Warship, Ski Beatz & The Sensei’s, UK Violinist Daisy Jopling and Austria Jazz-Hip-Hop trio The Ruff Pack, Daru has gained fans all over the states as well as Europe and more! Peep the Rusic Mono Beats 97 – 99 Vol 3 below.

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