If you are a beat-maker you may be aware of the varying opinions on whether or not one should buy drum sample kits. Some are very serious when it comes to such things, going so far as to question ones authenticity if one chooses to buy drum sample kits rather than digging for and sampling their own drum samples. Well, my friends we don’t really care what side of the fence you stand on *tough guy voice*. We here at BboyTechReport advocate that it is all relevant and it matters not if you buy or dig/sample/process yourself. However, for those who keep a fresh stock for the convenience of getting right down to business here is a list of 5 drum sample kits you need to have in your toolkit.


1.Illmind Blap Kit Vol. 1 Known for smacking snares, heart punching kicks, and crunchy/warm drum kits, !llmind presents the official “!llmind BLAP-KIT” Volume 1, containing his very own signature drum sounds! No more chopping drums from actual songs with messy results. No more “open space” drum hunting. Get the real deal, right here..

Packed with over 100 drums sounds including snares, kicks, hi-hats, claps in wav format, !llmind has put together a fine piece of kit here. If you are looking for a drum sample kit with hard drums, look no further. Illmind has this one chalk full of boom and bap. Get it here.


2.Illmind Blap Kit Vol. 2 Contains over 150 NEW drum sounds (kicks, snares, hi-hats, claps, snaps, congas & tambourines) in 16-bit/44 WAV format. 4 drum-break loops played by !llmind and created from actual drums, eq’d and processed. All drum sounds were sampled into an Ensoniq ASR-10 AND Akai S-20 at 33khz/12-bit for maximum warmth + punch! Every drum hit contained in this kit is from actual beats that Illmind has made. Get it here


3.Boonie Mayfield Kit: Part 1 The Boonie Mayfield Kit contains over 350 high quality sounds that’ll get any producer/beat-maker’s creativity flowing. All sounds are in WAV format, and are compatible with every software/hardware system. This instant download packs a variety of drums ranging from; warm/deep hard-hitting kicks, tight and crisp snares, natural claps/snaps, fresh hi-hats (both clean and dirty), crashes, toms, tambourines and misc. filler sounds. Whether you want to take it back to the essence with a dirty/grimey vibe… or experiment with a more modern clean/bright feel… all can be achieved with the use of these hot sounds. Get it here


4.Boonie Mayfield Kit: Part 3 The long awaited third and final set of the Boonie Mayfield Kit Trilogy packs another set of 380+ high quality sounds for the inspired and hardworking producers and beat mechanics. This time, more electric bass samples have been added with various sounds of slides and fills. Drum sounds include hard-hitting and punchy one-shots for that modern new school vibe as well as warm, smooth and laid back sounds for the retro or downtempo feel. All sounds are in WAV format and are compatible with every software/hardware system. If you’ve ever heard Marios Revenge by Boonie, you’ll know this kit. You can also here it on Boonie Mayfield’s incredible instrumental CD “Black Koolaid” Get it here


5.MPC-Samples.com – The Infinity MPC Drum Layering Kit By utilizing advanced waveform processing and selective frequency shaping, all the sounds in the collection can be freely combined together without experiencing any frequency clashes, phasing or and unwanted gain boosts, no matter how many sounds you combine. The end result is the effortless creation of bigger, deeper and fatter drum sounds with an infinite number of layering variations!

Inside the drum sample kit are 192 layer-ready drum sounds including 48 snares, 48 kicks, 48 hats and 48 claps & snaps. As an additional bonus, we’ve included 8 MPC ‘layer’ programs which each feature 64 already-layered pads, instantly giving you a further 512 sounds with scope for thousands more. there’s no need for any special processing, no horrible phase problems and no need to tweak levels as the overall gain will remain the same, even if you layer 4 sounds on top of each other – this is how easy drum layering should be. Get it here.

Well, there you have 5 drum sample kits that you should have in your arsenal or toolkit. Dig into these as we compile the next list.

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