Imagine a scenario where you and a few of your friends want to collaborate on a song. Now add onto that that everyone involved is in a different city. Sure you can all get Dropbox and trade verses and beats all day and everyday. But what if you wanted a more organic jam session or just a more organic collaborative situation as if you were in the same studio vibing out together? I don’t know… hop on/in a plane, train or automobile and meet up? Well, forget all of that. Ohm Studio wants you to work it out organically via their DAW in the cloud styled service.

Ohm Studio says “Ohm Studio is the first real-time collaborative digital audio workstation. Start a project, invite musicians and make music together. It’s as simple as that.”

With Ohm Studio you can take advantage of all of the following

  • Record Audio or MIDI on the fly. Edit, cut, loop in a few clicks.
  • Record notes, automations, and MIDI events inside the same Pattern. Then split, loop, or link with ease.
  • VU meters, balance, mid-side, inserts, sends, master… all the tools you need to fine-tune your track and more.
  • award-winning Ohm Force instrument- and effect plug-ins to produce and shape your sound.
  • Keep using your good ol’ plug-ins (and your working habits) even if other project members don’t own them.
  • Elegantly designed and taking advantage of your computer’s graphic card
  • Chat, listen, record, and edit simultaneously with others within a same project.
  • Don’t bother thinking about data transfer. Everything is done in the background, so that you can stay focused on music.
  • No worry if your partner doesn’t have a plug-in of yours! Use freeze to make your track available for listening while freeing up CPU load at the same time.
  • Ohm Studio for PC and Mac, but users of both platforms can finally work together on a same project!
  • Missing back-up, broken hard drive, data corruption… Amazon’s 99.9999999% secure cloud-based system make all these troubles of the past.

So how much will of this collaborative DAW bliss cost?

Currently Ohm Studio is available free of charge as public open beta. When this phase ends, the monthly charge for the same service we are currently offering will be €9 per month (although a limited free account will also be made available – click here to know more about our pricing policy). To show our appreciation for early users, we are offering two exceptional options:

After the beta period is completed, it looks like there is an introductory cost of approximately $55 per month or a lifetime fee of approximately $300.

For more info head over to Ohm Studio’s website.

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