Gobbler is the back up solution for us, by us. Gobbler will help you Back up, Transfer, Organize, and Share your data. Relax!

As we get more and more entrenched into making music on computers we are faced more and more with a very real problem. What do we do with all of this data? We buy and download samples. We capture and chop samples. We record and overdub vocals in our favorite DAWs. We trade and collect session files. But in this world wind of data manipulation and collection we aren’t always very organized.

In the same regard we aren’t always careful to backup our files. Because of that, it’s not difficult to imagine loosing very important and irreplaceable files to disk failure, theft and/or other negligence. Gobbler gives you the tools needed to get you “organizing all your drives” both internal and external. So for those of us that trade up on laptops every few years or for those of us that has that old hard drive lying around with dormant sessions, Gobbler has a solution that will get you organized and backed up for use at a later date.

Goggler.com was designed from the ground up to cater to the data preservation needs of musicians and multimedia creators. Features include “rapid file transfer system optimized just for DAW audio.” There are many unique features optimized to give you a “specialized audio file backup system.”

A few words from Mike Gitig of Gobbler.com

So how does the backup work? Let’s see

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