BITWIG GMBH IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE The Next Generation of Music Software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

In 2009, the idea to design a music creation platform combining the latest technology with the history of music software began. The result is BITWIG STUDIO 1.0, the next generation of music software featuring unprecedented workflow possibilities that breakthrough through creative boundaries, offering a fresh start using the latest development tools of today.

From sound design to music creation, BITWIG STUDIO 1.0 is the new standard in customized workflow for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Get inspired and take greater control of productions with immediate access to every aspect of music creation. Streamline the creative process and quickly take music from ideas to complete songs, tracks and compositions. Take command of customized workflow with BITWIG STUDIO 1.0.

Visit our Bitwig website to check out the new release video for a summary of features to explore or simply download the fully-featured demo version today.


BITWIG STUDIO 1.0 is available for purchase as a boxed version with a printed manual from select retailers around the world, and for download in the Bitwig Webshop. For a complete listing of BITWIG STUDIO 1.0 distributors, please visit the following link:



  • USD 449.99,
  • 329 EUR,
  • 279 GBP,
  • 41,000 YEN


  • USD 399
  • 299 EUR
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