Hey BitWig kids… Update 1.0.7 landed a few days ago. Here is the change log.

Released on 14.04.2014.

FIXED Closing u-he plugins using the button inside our device chain would cause the plug-in to crash (on windows)

FIXED Device panel mappings for VSTs don’t load when adding VSTs to the project.

FIXED Solo and then un-solo of a track with send caused weird crackling sound

FIXED Possible deadlock when opening window on windows

FIXED Crash when dragging arranger notes that no longer exist in the project

FIXED Crash when copying a plugin device to clipboard then pasting in the browser to save a preset

FIXED Drum channels cannot be expanded in the mixer for a document after openning another document and closing the new one

FIXED If audio engine crashes during a recording then leave the project in a sensible state

FIXED Random crash when tooltip hides on Mac OS X.

FIXED Crash when moving track in recovered document (regression from 1.0.5).

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.6

Released on 08.04.2014.

IMPROVED Reopen VST plugins with same window position as before on OSX.

IMPROVED Redirect keyboard input that is not consumed by VST plugins to the app on Mac OS X.

FIXED Image line VST GUIs don’t work in 1.0.5 but did work in previous versions

FIXED Drum machine sends didn’t update the track processing ordering correctly, causing glitches/delays

FIXED Engine crashed on windows computers with AMD E-350 processor

FIXED Engine crashed when moving a track or drum chain to a different track with send active

FIXED Exporting audio as wav in floating point format creates a file with garbage audio.

FIXED Dragging files from the browser that no longer exist on the file system would leak threads causing an eventual out of memory error

FIXED When saving a document wirte it to a temp file first and then move it in case there is a crash when saving – it won’t destroy the document

FIXED Crash if saving a project with a nested plugin that was missing.

FIXED Using avprobe instead of ffprobe for Ubuntu 14.04 compatibility.

FIXED Crash if dragging device and insertion point is to a point in the chain that then changes because devices are removed during the drag and drop

FIXED Crash invoking menu item when the original widget is no longer shown

FIXED Dragging a layer from an outer layer device to the layer list in a layer device within the outer layer device crashes

FIXED Crash when duplicating a drum machine that had modulation mappings to a drum pads mixer controls (eg pan and volume)

FIXED Crash when tapping ctrl with nothing focused

FIXED Crash when duplicating a drum machine that had modulations into a device in one of the drum pads

FIXED Crash if copy automation for a parameter with discrete possible values and clicking in an automation lane that does not have discrete possible values

FIXED Crash when dragging a device on top of another device that is the same device and the device dragging on top of has modulations

FIXED Crash if custom cache location has been configured but does not exist and can’t be created at that location.

FIXED Manual mapping to a parameter did not get removed when deleting a track

FIXED Drawing a note with the pencil tool and pressing escape leaves the note playing

FIXED Double-click on project file in Mac OS X Finder opens the app, but does not load the project.

FIXED Hide application command is showing an odd info window instead of hiding the application on Mac OS X.

FIXED Crash when splitting events using key command in empty clip.

FIXED Crash when dragging end of audio clip in master track.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.5

Released on 31.03.2014

FIXED Crash when touching some plugin parameters in their plugin window (crashes in 1.0.4 only).

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.4

Released on 30.03.2014.

IMPROVED Improved the VST plugin parameter list, including a joker entry which follows the selection in the plug-in GUI

IMPROVED Added option to automatically show/hide VST-windows when switching tracks.

IMPROVED Show automated button in plug-in parameter list now also include modulated parameters

IMPROVED Keyboard input from VST-windows on windows is now redirected to the main application window

FIXED Convert pitch-bend setting doesn’t update when adding/replacing the first instrument on a track

FIXED AHDSR envelope threshold of instant attack was lower than the minimum attack setting on the sampler

FIXED Engine crash when bouncing/rendering/exporting with buffersizes smaller than 256

FIXED When modulation mapping mode is active pressing the mouse-wheel on a knob acts as a click

FIXED Automation and time-info PDC doesn’t work as expected

FIXED Camel Audio Alchemy doesn’t remember its data directory

FIXED Saving an existing project to a new directory doesn’t copy over the plugin-states

FIXED Crash when editing onset time in inspector.

FIXED Crash when starting note drag and drop with an invalid selection.

FIXED GUI glitches on Mac OS X.

FIXED the automation one is fixed, for the devices one we have a separate report.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.3

Released on 27.03.2014.

FIXED Some audio interfaces doesn’t get detected

FIXED Crash when reading SF2 files with a sample index which is out of range.

FIXED Crash when toggling solo for a drum pad in a drum machine that is in a slot of a container device

FIXED Crash sometimes when stopping overdubbed looped clip recording on arranger.

FIXED Pressing Esc when renaming a track still edits the track’s name

FIXED Crash when making arranger time selection and then dragging from the automation lane instead of the clip header

FIXED Crash if delete a track that user is droppig a clip onto before the clip has finished loading

FIXED Crash when scanning some shell VST plugins.

FIXED Audio engine crashed sometimes when deleting a VST plugin device with it’s window open on Mac OSX

FIXED Crash when showing a popup window on Linux if the window manager sent focus in or out notifications to the popup window

FIXED Preview warp marker are sometimes shown at the wrong location.

FIXED Crash when reversing audio that has not finished loading.

FIXED Crash when dragging pitch expression event with shift modifier.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.2

Released on 25.03.2014.

FIXED Crash when adding a disk as a library location on windows

FIXED Crash when using knife tool.

FIXED Crash after dragging end of clip.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.1

Released on 24.03.2014.

NEW Allow mixer as complimentary panel in the EDIT mode.

NEW Send note expressions to VSTs using GM2 spec (CA23 and SINGLE NOTE TUNING CHANGE, VST needs to canDo “receiveVstSysexEvent”)

NEW Better audio meters with optional K20 mode.

IMPROVED Show progress of audio export somewhere.

IMPROVED Limit preview note playing when draggin notes to 0.5s.

IMPROVED Better selection and mouse interactions in multisample editor.

IMPROVED Speed up tempo detection for long files.

IMPROVED Better onset detection.

IMPROVED Better tempo detection.

IMPROVED Preference for setting the default volume of new tracks (default -10dB).

IMPROVED Delete button should work in audio editors time selection without necessity to cut audio event.

IMPROVED Dragging unlooped clip end should not turn on the loop on the clip until the mouse is released.

FIXED Muting of sends form drum-machine solo is broken.

FIXED Automation only works if visible on the gui when bouncing / exporting.

FIXED Tracks that are stopped in the clip launcher don’t behave correctly after loading a document

FIXED Fixed randomly occuring engine crash related to sample-streaming

FIXED Browsing multi samples in the multi sampler GUI does not work.

FIXED Dynamics default preset broken.

FIXED Bouncing a clip launcher clip that is currently playing results in clip continuing to play after the bounce, but it is silent.

FIXED Tempo detection seems to be off by a factor of 2 for attached ogg file.

FIXED Audio recordings on clip launcher interfere with each other.

FIXED Session recording should write flat track automation value for lanes that launcher clip has no automation in

FIXED When cancelling a multi clip bounce in a single track you need to cancel each bounce separately.

FIXED Export audio with clip launcher active exports the clip launcher not the arranger.

FIXED Dragging a slot in mid/side split to other slot creates a layer device in the destination slot.

FIXED Dragging nested device chain that does not have its own mixer crashes.

FIXED Automation is not saved in clips when dragged from arranger.

FIXED Undo behaves erratic for EQ5 changes.

FIXED Don’t analyze onsets for audio files unless they get time stretched

FIXED “Start transport on record” setting does not work if you use F9 to toggle record.

FIXED Files or folders with non-ascii characters doesn’t show up in browser on mac at all.

FIXED Various improvements to editing raw audio events.

FIXED Quintole and Septole Beat Grid Subdivisions are working as Straight and Triplet.

FIXED Grid resolutions 1/1, 1/2 and 1/4 show the same 1/1 grid.

FIXED Changing color of a clip on clip launcher or arranger does not update the color for the loop region and cue markers in the clip contents detail editor

FIXED Clicking on a note in the layered track editor should make that note’s track the cursor track in the layer list.

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