In classic Apple fashion, Logic Pro X appeared, unannounced as far as I can tell, in the app store today. Still priced at $199, Logic X has undergone a bit of a face lift and promises loads of improvements, additional creative tools and instruments. As a Logic user I think I’m most excited about the new instruments and improved mixer functionality. Let’s hope Logic Pro X doesn’t disappoint.

So, what’s new?

The general functionality of the application include

  • Track Stacks where you can “Keep your sessions better organized by consolidating multiple related tracks — for example, all the drums or vocals — into a new track format called a Track Stack. “
  • Mixer improvements, which allows you to “use your mouse to select, open, close, bypass, or re-order plug-ins.” Also includes a new gain-reduction meter and overall better metering. (huge!)
  • Score has been “enhanced to improve visibility and functionality.”
  • Exporting has been enhanced to allow you to “share songs to your SoundCloud account right from Logic Pro. And the Media Browser lets you seamlessly move Logic Pro X assets to Final Cut Pro X or other Apple apps.”

The instruments have new additions and improvements as well while some of the more familiar plug-ins (ES2, Sculpture, EXS24, Ultrabeat) remain in tact.


  • Retro Synth, the new comer with Analog, Wavetable and FM modes
  • Drum Machine, the new vintage drum machine which i’m sure features the classic Roland x0x samples. This should be fun.
  • Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall seeing instruments like SoundScape, Grand Piano & WoodWinds. These are nice additions to the already jam-packed plug-in arsenal included with Logic.
  • Vintage Keyboards received a face lift and I have to say they look yummy in a classic sort of way. Nice touch. Apple describes the improvements, “The most important interface controls on the Vintage B3, Vintage Electric Piano, and Vintage Clav are now front and center, while the full depth and flexibility of the real-time models are just a click away.”
  • Arpeggiator, described as “A powerful, full-featured arpeggiator opens up a world of possibilities for creating contemporary electronic and urban music tracks. “
  • Drummer, the virtual session drummer.
  • Drum Kit Designer, “provides deeply sampled, realistic-sounding drum kits.”
  • Bass Amp Designer, “new plug-in that accurately models some of the most popular vintage and modern bass amps and cabinets.”
  • 7 new Pedalboard Stompboxes including Wham, Grit, Tube Burner, Dr. Octave, Flange Factory, Graphic EQ & Tie Dye Delay
  • 9 new midi plug-ins, “generate and shape MIDI notes and controller data. “

There are also new and improved tools

  • Logic Remote, control Logic Pro X remotely via your iPad via totally new “Logic Remote App”
  • Flex Pitch, sounds pretty exciting and I’m sure it will present innumerable ways to inspire creativity. It’s akin to piano roll in its interface. Not only does it allow an easy way to fix performances but it allows you to “Convert-to-MIDI lets you double or harmonize a vocal or any other monophonic audio track with your favorite software instrument.” Sweet!
  • Smart Controls, “are innovative new sound-shaping tools that let you make simple or elaborate creative changes without having to dive into multiple plug-in interfaces. “
  • Totally redesigned Sound Library and Loops

Get a more detailed look inside Logic Pro X here

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