IKEA targets DJs and Beat Makers with a new internet commercial featuring DJ Harry Love. The commercial features Harry’s flat wrought with thousands of vinyl records, DJ equipment, synthesizers and drum machines. In the midst of it all is Harry’s family. Well I’m not sure how one goes about becoming a guest on IKEA’s studio remodeling surprise show (ummm, this show doesn’t really exist) but I’d love to sign up.

IKEA took DJ Harry Love’s DJ / Studio room and totally reorganized it using IKEA furniture and accessories. Its pretty dope too.

So, for records they used the EXPEDIT shelves. For his synths they used STOLMEN shoe racks. To organize the smaller items they used FÖRHÖJA cutlery tray with a small drawer unit. The DJ stand is of some variety of IKEA merchandise as well.

I think it’s safe to say that with a bit of cash, imagination and precise measurements any of us could organize our lab with IKEA digs. It’s worth mentioning that it will likely be a cheaper route than some of these “designed for studio” desks and workstations.

Peep the video here

Here is what IKEA has to say about their aim at DJ & Beat Makers segment.

Look at how we helped Harry organize his passion for more than 4500 records and make room for his family life. If you could do with some help storing your things, maybe some of the solutions we used for Harry might help you too.

A wall of EXPEDIT shelving units to store his thousands of records

STOLMEN shoe racks to store his keyboards

KVISSLE cable management box to tame his web of cables

FÖRHÖJA cutlery tray to organise the floppy discs he wants to keep

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