Our friends at Sounds For Samplers recently dropped a long awaited and all new drum kit called Instant Classic. The Instant Classic kit comes with 300 plus samples including kicks, snares, hats etc. All files are in wav format so they are totally compatible with all samplers and DAWs. I’ve even used them in BeatMaker 2.  The fact of the matter is that when you use software samplers you have to have drums that bang and these drums deliver.

Additionally, Sounds for Samplers included MPC Program files for the MPC2kxl,MPC1000,MPC2500, MPC5000,MPC4000,MPC REN. So for all of you legacy MPC users and even new line of MPC owners, Sounds for Samplers has you covered.

Sounds for Samplers did a really good job at packing this kit with useable and banging drums. They’ve officially taken a prominent place in my library of “go to” kits.

The kit also comes with the Sounds For Samplers All Percussion kit to round out the collection of boom bap.  The Instant Classic kit is a good buy.

Packed with over 300 of the finest Kicks,Snares,Hat`s,Booms,Crashes. We also include the instant classic all Percussion instrument kit. The “Instant Classic” set is our finest library to date,& best of all its the least expencive library we have ever offered only $40 The sounds are stereo wav and will load in all DAWS,They also have MPC program files and will load in every MPC from the MPC2000xl all the way up to the MPC Renaissance.

Stop by Sounds for Samplers and cop these drums. It’s a huge sample pack and a good value.

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