Producer’s Choice strikes again with yet another stellar high quality drum sample kit called Boom Bap Legends. The new drum sample kit was put together to pay homage to the likes of J-Dilla, Pete Rock & DJ Premier. Boom Bap Legends was crafted to present a warm crunchy sound specific to classic hiphop and boom bap sort of sound. According to Producer’s Choice, “We used a variety of gear to find a true ‘authentic‘ boom bap sound. We combined drum samples from vinyl with old school 12 bit drum machine processing from the E-mu SP-1200.”

Producer’s Choice is known for going the extra mile when designing sounds. According to Producer’s Choice “We also mimicked the same filtering, EQ & compression techniques used by the greats to bring an AUTHENTIC boom bap kit to the table.”

Dont bother sleeping on this Boom Bap Legends kit. Especially of you are a software based producer. This kit will bring a nice warm and gritty hardware sound to your beats. It’s worth the $34. Click here to cop.


  • 120 PREMIUM Handcrafted Samples – 30 Kicks, 30 Snares, 30 Hats (Open & Closed), 30 Percs & Other Sounds
  • 50 RARE VINTAGE drum breaks – sampled direct from vinyl and chopped for easy loopability!
  • .WAV Format – will work in FL Studio, Logic, Ableton, Reason, Cubase and many more softwares & samplers!
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