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Who Sampled iPhone App

Who Sampled goes mobile. Controversial website, and often denounced amongst the who’s who of hiphop production (we’re looking at you 9th Wonder), releases new iPhone app. Now you can “cheat” while on the go. So if you are a new school youtube digger you just may find it to be exciting news that your iphone can decode the joints for you during one of those heated debates with the homies about what Premo sampled on ______ [insert Premo hit here]. Hey there must be something to it… MixMag likes it.

Features of the app include

  • Scan your music library and discover amazing connections for the tracks in it
  • Beautiful, ad-free, clean interface
  • Easy access to the world’s largest and richest database of samples, cover songs and remixes
  • “Now Playing” feature
  • Share your amazing finds with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers
  • Deep and unique music charts
  • A host of other features and functionality
  • Our premium app experience for an introductory price of $2.99 / €2.39 / £1.99

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