Hmmmm… Native Instruments drops the price on their run away hit mpc-esque controller, the Maschine. Not at all that coincidental after Akai Pro announced the coming of the new big bad MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio. I guess being the only game in town has its advantages for the Native Instruments. However, the Maschine having some sudden competition turns out to be an advantage for the beat-maker.

So to all of my fellow beat-makers who’ve yet to purchase the Native Instruments Maschine due to price, I’d imagine that the only debate now is; Do you cop the Maschine now at it’s new low price of $399 for the Machine / $299 for the Maschine Mikro? Or do you wait to see what the new Akai line of MPC’s have to offer? Maybe we’ll see that Akai will respond with a lower introductory price than initially thought on the new MPCs. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

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