The CME XKey is described by CME as “The next generation of professional music keyboards.”

The Xkey weighs in at a little over 1 pound, approximately 15 inches wide, 5 inches from front to back and approximately a half an inch thick. At first sight, my initial thought was that this is the keyboard controller that Apple would make if they ventured into making a keyboard controller. The design aesthetic is sleek and minimalistic. If you’ve ever seen an Apple Wireless Keyboard you already have a very good idea of what the CME XKey is like.

The CME XKey features 25 standard size keys. The keys feel nice. You’d think the keys would be “buttony” but in fact they have a nice feel. Well, maybe they are just a slight bit buttony. Still they are leagues ahead of small form factor controllers like the Korg NanoKeys. In fact in comparison the XKey is pretty synthy and playable.

For its playability and sleek design alone I’d certainly say that the XKey is a strong contender for the title of ultimate mobile music keyboard controller. But points are lost for not being bluetooth compatible. That would be too nice! The design kind of lends itself to the thought that it could be Bluetooth because it’s so much like Apple’s bluetooth ascii keyboard.

I’d say that the XKey is the next generation of professional mobile music keyboard. It’s simply an ultra cool design that functions as expected. With my iPad, Xkey & my QuNeo, I’m totally ready for the road and still there is a ton of room left in my backpack. Together these 3 pieces aren’t any thicker than the average laptop and they are certainly much lighter even in combining their weight.

At $99 it may not be a bad buy considering the Apple typing keyboard is nearly the same price and you don’t get half of the enjoyment out of that as you would from the XKey.

Xkey Features

  • Ultra slim and light design
  • 25 standard size keys
  • Professional velocity sensitivity andpolyphonic aftertouch
  • USB MIDI compliant
  • PitchBend buttons with high resolution of pressure sensitivity
  • Modulation button with conitnuous MIDI control data
  • Octave +/- and Sustain buttons
  • USB Powered
  • Firmware updatable via USB, ready for new features


XKey Size and Weight

  • Height: 5.31 inches (135mm)
  • Width: 15.27 inches (388mm)
  • Depth: 0.62 inches (16 mm)
  • Weight: 1.32 pounds (600g)
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