Flying Lotus was the first, or at least one of the first, to have the Moog Sub Phatty in studio. While most of us could only imagine what the Sub Phatty was like, Flying Lotus (LUCKY!) was busy stringing together masterful works of analog goodness in the lab with it. The result is a really dope piece called ‘Such a Square’. How apropos? Seeing that Moog is known for it’s hugely raw and phat square wave forms, the title ‘Such a Square’ seems very befitting.  Eye See!

Flying Lotus used this monophonic analog beast of a synth as a sound design tool to craft ‘Such a Square’ so meticulously that every sound you hear is in some “wave, shape or form” (see what I did there?!) derived from the Sub Phatty. Even the drums? Indeed, even the drums.

It doesn’t end there, I guess Moog Music said “Hey FLY-LO, this shh-stuff is amazing!” again, I’m guessing here. “Yeah FLY-LO, it sounds so animated!” Then boom it hit them. “Let’s get Adult Swim’s ‘Lilfuchs’ to work up a short animation in honor of the new Moog Sub Phatty” And so they did. The short animation is set to Flying Lotus’ ‘Such a Square’  joint and it is just as dope as the song itself.

Let’s check it out. This is what happens when Flying Lotus x Moog Sub Phatty x Adult Swim collide.

And in the words of Will Smith “I have got to get me one of those!”

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