Arturia releases a new iOS synth, iMini. The Arturia iMini is an iOS adaptation of Arturia’s Mini V software synth. For a mere $9.99 in Apple’s App store the Arturia iMini can be added to your iOS arsenal. Weighing in at a hefty 500 presets, iMini is indeed a worthy addition to any iOS aficionado’s synth line up.

Here is what Arturia has to say

iMini comes with over 500 sounds, created by some of the world’s best sound designers; sounds that are directly imported from our Mini V software.

iMini also works within Retronyms’ amazing Tabletop™ application which allows you to integrate iMini within a studio of drum machines, sequencers, mixers and effects. The Tabletop™ environment allows you to compose and automate a complete song. Once you are finished, you can then export your tracks directly to SoundCloud, render to .wav files or use Audiocopy to paste your audio into another iPAD application.

iMini supports CORE MIDI so that you can control it via standard MIDI controllers. Using the Apple Camera Connection kit, you can use it with our Analog Player keyboard or our new MiniLab keyboard controllers.

It offers full MIDI mapping of the main panel controls, and supports WIST sync with other iOS devices.

Main features :

  • Realistic recreation of the classic Minimoog™ sound.
  • Hundreds of sounds created by the top sound designers in the world.
  • Preset compatibility with Arturia Mini V software.
  • Core MIDI support
    • Including MIDI controller mapping
    • WIST sync with other iPAD/Iphone devices
  • High quality sound based on our TAE™ analog modeling technology.
  • Tabletop Ready iOS application for a complete electronic music studio.


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