The Native InstrumentsSynth Tease” has the entire internet of synth geeks all a buzz. The tag line is “One synth to rule them all.” In classic “less is more” marketing form,  Native Instruments has an entire blitz set up with video demos where you see all of nothing. There is also a load of Soundcloud demos where you can really here something interesting brewing.

Check the Soundcloud demos

My first instinct is that Native Instruments will not have Waves playing in their sandbox with Waves’ new Element synth. As an answer to Element, Native Instruments so has cooked up a rival synth (I’m sure they’ll not admit that and even if not true, this is the story I’m rolling with). This new mystery synth comes complete with a rather “Dark Knight-esque” marketing campaign that we’ll just call the “Synth Tease” and the crowd says “Ohhhhhhh- Ahhhhhh!”. In contrast some are simply not impressed and wished NI they would just give the whole scoop already.

At any rate, this should be fun to watch everything unfold. Stay tuned.

Check the Video


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