I came across this Pianocade box via twitter. I love stuff like this PIANOCADE Synthesizer. It pulls at the BBoy Tech in me. How cool is it that this PIANOCADE Synth in arcade drag comes complete with joy stick, arcade buttons, midi (5 pin or usb), imitates several vintage video consoles and is even open source? Hackable and trackable. This is dope. Check it out below or go to Pianocade.com to pre-order.

If you are feeling arcadey and synthy alltogether this Canadian made arcadian wonder synth has exclusive preorder prices..

One octave: $250CDN
Two octaves: $325CDN
Electronics only: $100CDN


With synthesis hardware based off of classic gaming systems and a 128-note range, the Pianocade lets you perform the retro sounds you want, live!


With traditional 5-pin MIDI and USB MIDI, you can use the Pianocade to control other instruments, or use external sequencers and controllers to play the Pianocade.


Program the the sounds, customize the controls, decorate the case, hack the electronics. Make your Pianocade your Pianocade!


All of the Pianocade hardware, firmware, and software is open source and designed for easy hackability. If you’re really ambitious, build your own!


Share your settings, sound patches, hacks, and music with a community of Pianocaders

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