As a beat maker and/or producer you can never get enough of that old vintage sound. The lo-fi unintentional 8 bit and 12 bit crunch is the secret in the sauce for some producers. But when I say crunch I don’t mean wildly distorted, grungy, electro smash, feedback crunch. I mean the sort of crunch that brings a touch of warmth and coziness to the sound. Analog sweetness is the key ingredient here.

Akai Pro Vintage Beat Machines Sample Pack does the vintage grit and warmth job very well. I stumbled on a few samples that I’m sure I’ve heard in Dilla’s and Madlibs productions. Not that they used this sample pak but it seems that those guys were kings of all things vintage. The Vintage Beat Machines Sample Pack comes chalk full of samples from a myriad of classic vintage rhythm machines and drum machines. To be perfectly honest, as much as I’d like to think I know my vintage gear, I hadnt heard of a few of these rhythm machines. However, the sounds are nice and a bit unexpected.

With the latest resurgence of analog gear, its only right to have good complimentary drums to go along with all of your new found vintage gear and /or vintage gear emulations.

I know many many producers who search high and low for samples of vintage drum machines. Most of them likely think they have all of the classic drum machine sample simply because they have a troth of Roland TR series samples but there are so many more classics out there and Akai Pro Vintage Beat Machines sample pack has it all here.

You could spend a lifetime dealing with the drudgery of sampling every vintage drum machine that you come by. But keep in mind these things are not easy to come by in first place. But if you were lucky enough to find a cool classic vintage piece every other month you’d first have to get them fixed or at least have some maintenance done. Then you’d have to become a sample wizard with extraordinary pre’s to get the full sound of the analog goodness. Hey, if you’ve got it like that go for it. Otherwise, run over to Akai Pro and and cope the Akai Pro Vintage Beat Machines to sweeten your library of drums up a bit.

The kit is 62MB large, contains over 1200 samples and only weighs in at $29.99. Here is a list of classic vintage rhythm machines and drum machines that the kit include ;

  • Akai xe8
  • Akai xr10
  • alesis xr10
  • cas rz1
  • cr78
  • cr1000
  • cr800
  • daytone drumsynth
  • dd10
  • ddm110 & 220
  • dr55
  • dr220
  • eharm drm-16
  • dm drumulator
  • em sp-12
  • fairlite
  • fricke mfb501
  • fricke mfb512
  • hamm autovari64
  • hamm rhythem2
  • kaw acr20
  • kaw r50
  • kg ddd1
  • kg kr55
  • kg minipops
  • kg pro wave
  • lm1
  • lm2
  • lm9000
  • mx 185
  • ober dx
  • pri drx
  • rhythm ace
  • rhythm king
  • rx11
  • sakaata dpm48
  • sci drumtraks
  • sci studio440
  • sci tom
  • simonz sds
  • soundtech rhythm12
  • sr88
  • syncussion
  • synsonic
  • tr33
  • tr55
  • tr66
  • tr77
  • tr606
  • tr707
  • tr727
  • tr808
  • tr909
  • vermon drm1
  • watford rhythm generator
  • wurli swing rhythm
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