Now that the MPC Renaissance is hitting the streets, the internet is buzzing all about it. The Ren is definitely the life of the party at the moment. Even so, there are leagues of legacy MPC users that want to know one thing… Will the MPC Renaissance have support for my old MPC _________ [insert legacy mpc model number here]?

Well let’s see, lists the following in the MPC Renaissance feature set;

  • Supports WAV, MP3, AIFF, REX, and SND
  • Supports samples and sequences from any MPC ever made

OK, but what does that really mean?

Our friend Andy Avgousti, award winning author of the “Beat Making On The MPC” series, put together a great video where he painstakingly tested all of the ‘Numark Era’ MPCs with the MPC Renaissance software. Namely, MPC1000/2500/500/5000.  Andy also tested all the JJ operating systems: JJOS Free/OS1/OS2/OS XL’. As if that wasn’t a big enough task, Andy exclaimed that he would “try to do a similar test for older MPCs asap.”

Let’s take a look at the video…

So whats the verdict?

  • MPC5000 & Ren – Compatibility Rating: 95%

  • MPC1000/2500/JJOS & Ren – Compatibility Rating: 90%

  • OS2XL or OS-XL & Ren – Compatibility Rating: 75%

For more detailed information regarding the legacy support tests performed in the video above head over to Andy Avgousti’s article on entitled MPC Renaissance Review – Legacy MPC Compatibility Part 1


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