Retronyms Tabletop is the first fully modular music production environment for iPad. With over twenty-five available devices, including instruments, effects, mixers, and controllers, building complex musical compositions from scratch or one of the demo songs and templates, and creating songs on the fly becomes an intuitive and enjoyable process like never before.

Retronyms Tabletop is also WIST compatible for all of you iPad multi-tracking multi-taskers out there. You’ll certainly have enough modules, instruments and effects to choose from while composing your latest masterpiece. Tabletop is loaded with in app purchasable add on devices. I mean really… there’s an arsenal of modules available. What do you need? Just name it. It’s probably there in the Device store. It will take me a good while to get around to using all of them so this will likely not be the last Retronyms Tabletop feature on

Last month Retronyms released version 1.6 of its iPad app, Tabletop. This Retronyms Tabletop release expanded the app’s capabilities yet again to include the T-Pain Effect pitch-correction effect as well as a free input recorder.

The XOX Drum Deranger, which was released with version 1.3 some time ago, pulled me in with it’s features and design. The XOX Drum Deranger is a new twist on classic drum machines! It features eight tracks and a unique parameter sequencer to program distortion, length, balance, pitch, and level as part of each drum pattern. Create wild and varied grooves with this device, storing up to 8 patterns per session!

I have to say I was impressed by included sounds and the fact that some pretty cool producers and DJs had a hand in their design.

Sound design contributors for the XOX Drum Deranger include

  • Stones Throw emcee producer, Oh No who contributed four kits, 
  • +verb ( also contributed to several Tabletop devices, including the RS3 and M8RX) added three custom kits,
  • UK-based producer/DJ Pete Sasqwax contributed two custom drum kits
  • veteran Tabletop contributor Salva recently added his own specially treated 808 and 909 kits.

Let’s explore the XOX Drum Deranger

  1. The XOX has optional separate outputs for each of the first four drum tracks, allowing you to route them to separate effects. Any tracks not actively routed from one of these outputs are part of the device’s overall master output.
  2. Program up to 8 different patterns per session, and trigger them on the fly.
  3. Dial through eight drum tracks to change programming and parameter settings for each step of your pattern.
  4. The XOX comes fully loaded with over 25 preset drumkits, ranging from acoustic drum samples and classic drum machine sounds to more elaborate electronic kits. Oh No, Salva, +verb and Sasqwax each contributed kits to the XOX, helping to make it one of our best sounding devices to date.
  1. Use the handy Master Param dial to change all step settings for any parameter in your currently selected drum track for a pattern.
  2. Select from distortion, length, balance, pitch and volume to tweak settings for each individual step of a drum track.
  3. Use the touchscreen to adjust settings for an individual step once you’ve selected a parameter.
  4. Programming patterns is super easy — just toggle the steps of the pattern that you want to trigger each drum sound, and the XOX will loop through continuously.

The XOX Drum Deranger is available as a “Tabletop” in-app purchase for $4.99. Download Retronyms Tabletop iPad app via the iTunes app store today.

About Retronyms
Retronyms is a software studio focused on enabling creative expression with next-generation devices. They strive to make fun and powerful products that allow people to create, collaborate and engage through digital media. They work with a number of clients and partners who share this vision.



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