The company that brought you some of the most popular iOS music apps, including Tabletop, ReBirth, iMPC, iMPC Pro, iMini and iProphet has an exciting announcement. Retronyms is making their first venture into music hardware.

Wej is a non-skid performance platform that lets you connect your USB MIDI controllers to your iOS music apps wirelessly over the new Apple Bluetooth LE MIDI protocol. Wej features 24 ultra bright RGB LEDs so that you can add ambiance to your studio or blast an ultra-portable light show. Check out to see a video of Wej in action and to pre-order now.

Retronyms is hoping you’ll help them gather enough pre-orders to support building Wej. To get you started, they’re offering Wej at $99, which includes a 20% preorder discount!


Not only is Wej a great addition to your music studio, it is hackable. The core of Wej is an Arduino application processor, and they’ll release the Arduino sketch for download under an open-source license. You can create anything from a MIDI controller based on your favorite joystick to a bedside charging stand with built in visual alarm clock. We’re excited to see what you come up with. Take a look at for more information on the extensibility of Wej.

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