iMPC Pro Takes Portable Music Production To New Heights

Akai Professional’s flagship iPad app is now available for download.

Cumberland,  RI,  USA  – July  8,  2014.    Akai  Professional  (,  innovator  of  audio sampling technology for music production and performance,  announces the availability of the iMPC Pro app for iPad. Featuring 64 tracks of intuitive music production capability, iMPC Pro is the most powerful way to create music on the iPad.

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Developed  in  concert  with  Retronyms,  a  leading  iOS  app  developer,  iMPC  Pro  fuses  the acclaimed workflow of a hardware MPC (Music Production Center) with cutting edge  tools for composing,  editing and mixing music. Extending  the beat-production  prowess  of the original iMPC  app, the all-new  iMPC  Pro app includes  over 30 in-demand  features  to empower  the creative process from conceptualization to finishing touch.



  • Compose, edit and mix professional-grade audio productions on your iPad
  • 64 tracks of multi-track music creation, mixing and automation
  • All-new multi-touch interface for the editing, slicing and auditioning of samples
  • Inter-App Audio support provides flexible sampling, effects and audio routing
  • Sample from your iTunes library, Inter-App Audio, the iPad mic and more
  • Timeline View provides powerful gesture control of sequences and events
  • Intuitive Precision Knobs and Faders deliver exacting command of mix controls
  • Flux Mode for real-time or automated manipulation of tracks
  • Classic MPC Swing, Note Repeat, 16 Levels and pad workflow
  • Extensive sound library featuring 1,400+ samples from Richard Devine
  • Works seamlessly with MPC Element pad controller via iPad Camera Connection kit
  • 3D-performance mode for tweaking effects, Note Repeat and more
  • Directly upload your tracks to SoundCloud, Twitter, your computer and more
  • All-new effects suite including Turbo Duck side-chain compressor and Boom Room reverb


“iMPC Pro pushes the boundaries of portable music production for the creative set,” notes Akai Professional Product Manager Dan Gill. “The reliability and processing speed of the iPad are a great foundation for crafting tracks on-the-go. When fused with the bleeding-edge workflow and innovative audio features of iMPC Pro, you uncage new ideas never before imagined.”


iMPC Pro is available for download on the App Store at a special, limited-time introductory price of   $12.99   USD,   with   a   regular   price   of   $19.99   USD.   For   more   information,   visit:


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