The Sunsine Audio Vanishing Point is a great little fuzz pedal. It comes in a low key metal casing and is about the size of an iPhone box. There are 3 knobs, a bypass switch, an in and an out. The 3 knobs are gain, fuzz and volume. Simple enough and yet pretty damn tough.

I dug into the Vanishing Point recently because Sunsine Audio’s Fetcher Kaufman mentioned that it is not the typical guitar pedal in the sense that it is frequency friendly to instruments other than just the guitar. I guess the idea here is that some guitar pedals are optimized to a pocket of guitar frequencies. But the Vanishing Point has a more broad frequency spectrum which makes it very cool to try out on other instruments like synths, bass, drums etc.

What I found in my experiments is that the Vanishing Point is rather versatile for a small 3 knob pedal. I was able to introduce small amounts of fuzz or grit into a signal which worked great on dirtying up synths. Should work wonders on iOS synths, although I’ve not yet tried it on iOS synths my MPC 5000’s VA sported the warmth and grit rather nicely.

I also pushed the limits a good deal on the fuzz and gain with my drums. Yes. On my drums coming straight off the MPC I was able to get the Vanishing Point up to some really dirty and glitchy madness.

Let’s take aloof at the video review for a bit of a demonstration with the Sunsine Audio Vanishing Point.

Overall, the Sunsine Audio Vanishing Point has what it takes to be your own little secret weapon. It’s a mean little grit machine / fuzz n glitch factory that plays nicely in any rig. My analog synths, virtual analog synths and beats alike loved it. Best of all it didn’t seem to shave off the low frequencies much at all so it allowed the signal to be what it was meant to be while coloring as much or as little as needed/wanted.

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