December 11, 2014 — San Francisco –  Akai Professional and Retronyms  the partnership that produced iMPC Pro — have announced the “Mobile Producer Bundle”. Customers can choose from three configurations of a Wej preorder and two Akai Pro USB music controllers. Existing Wej customers can participate too and upgrade their Wej preorder to a bundle.

The Mobile Producer Bundle includes MPK Mini MKII — Compact Keyboard and Pad controller and MPC Element — Music Production Controller. Wej is a rugged nonstick performance base and hackable wireless Bluetooth MIDI bridge.

“ We’re proud of this bundle because it showcases Wej as a great solution to the ‘camera adapter’ normally used to connect USB MIDI controllers to iOS devices. It’s a perfect combo because Wej can power and wirelessly connect BOTH of these controllers simultaniously to an iOS device.” — John-Paul Walton, Retronyms

More information about Mobile Producer Bundle:

Tech Specs


  • Material: Soft, 30 durometer, silicone body in Tabletop Grey.
  • Width: 200mm.
  • Depth: 134.4mm.
  • Height: 25mm – 35mm.


Arduino-compatible Application Processor.


  • 48 full-color RGB LEDs, individually addressable from Arduino.
  • Animations triggerable from Tabletop-ready iOS app via MIDI or inter-app audio.


  • 2 powered USB host ports — Two way MIDI.
  • Bluetooth LE configured with a service that provides Apple’s MIDI over Bluetooth protocol.

About Retronyms
Retronyms is a software studio focused on enabling creative expression. It strives to make fun and powerful products that allow people to create, collaborate, and engage through digital media. Retronyms is interested in how next-generation devices and technology can be used to explore these ideas.

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