The collaboration between Retronyms and Akai Pro continues with the soon to come iMPC Pro. Looks like Retronyms has raised the bar on iMPC Pro from the stripped down iMPC. From the looks of the graphics, it looks like Retronyms took a few design queues from the more contemporary MPC Ren along with a bit of Teenage Engineering OP-1 esthetics. Looks good so far. Truth be told, I’m rooting for them on this one.

According to a tweet from Akai Pro “In addition to 64 tracks and the Flux Link, iMPC Pro features multitouch sample chopping.” Well, that’s leagues ahead of the iMPC already. Fingers crossed. We’re watching… & waiting.

Retronyms would like you all to know that “Over the coming weeks, we’ll be revealing details in a series of videos we’re calling iMPC Pro Log. Every week, a new video highlighting something from the very latest development build. This week, Meet the Flux Link.

Let’s check out what iMPC Pro has to offer.


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