Saturday 25th February 2017,
BBOY TECH REPORT Teams Up with Saint Joe of for New Maschine Tutorial Series Teams Up with Saint Joe of for New Maschine Tutorial Series recently teamed up with JK Swopes a.k.a Saint Joe of and to bring forth a new series of Maschine tutorials entitled “Up and Running with Maschine 2 with JK Swopes“.

I love that went to the source for their Maschine Tutorial series. Saint Joe is indeed one of the most knowledgeable guys on planet earth about Maschine. Saint Joe has become a trusted source for not only Maschine knowledge but he is one of the most revered sources for all things beat making in the beat making community overall. Need drums and a briefing on the level of dope, there is St. Joe with Looking for a review and good honest advice on a new product for beat making, there is Saint Joe with Need to know how to route midi in Maschine or otherwise, there is Saint Joe with Well… I think you get the picture. My man is everywhere for all the right reasons.

The course runs a bit longer than two hours and in classic Lynda fashion the course is cut up into topical segments which allows for easy consumption and online streaming. According to Saint Joe from the video itself…

upandrunningm2small-300x159First I’ll show you how to set up your Audio and MIDI devices, and how to load sounds, samples and instruments from the browser. Next, we’ll look at how to properly set up your external instruments and effects, as well as what you’ll need to know to be able to create your own patterns quickly. I’ll also cover how to sample and edit external audio data, how to use effects and automation, and I’ll finish by showing you how to Save and Export your projects for sharing and backup.

As described by

lyndaLogoMaschine bridges the gap between controller and DAW, combining hardware and software in one connected package. In this course, JK “SaintJoe” Swopes—the producer, educator, and man behind—shows you how to get started creating your own beats, hooks, and harmonies with Maschine.



The course is billed as a beginners level course and covers the following topics to get you started banging out beats on Maschine.

  • Configuring Maschine’s preferences and settings
  • Loading sounds
  • Recording and editing samples
  • Recording patterns
  • Adding effects
  • Recording automation
  • Building a song with scenes
  • Saving a Maschine project
  • Exporting to WAV files

I reccomend that you run over to and check out my guy JK Swopes a.k.a Saint Joe. It’s a good look and a great tutorial series.

Up and Running with Maschine 2 with JK Swopes

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    Congrats to saintjoe and for the collabo.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Bryce March 23, 2015 at 9:12 pm

    Yo, it’s exciting to see the homie getting props through!

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