Roger Linn adds a new addition to the LinnStrument line of advanced controllers.

Announcing “LinnStrument 128” for $999. Accepting orders today for for shipping starting November 14.

Many of you have told me you’d love to own a LinnStrument but can’t afford the $1499 price. So we’ve released “LinnStrument 128” for the lower price of $999. It’s identical to LinnStrument except 128 note pads instead of 200. It fits nicely in a backpack and includes the new Step Sequencer. (See below.)

We’re accepting orders now on our online store for shipping during the week of November 14. I expect they’ll sell out pretty quickly, so you might want get your order in soon. If you’d prefer to buy through a dealer, please ask your favorite dealer to place an order with us.

Check out the original LinnStrument video

Click here to learn more and place an order.

Software 2.0.0 Released for LinnStrument, including Step Sequencer

Roger Linn has  just released software version 2.0.0 with the following new features:

* New Polyphonic 2-Track Step Sequencer!
* Significantly better velocity response
* Release velocity. Now LinnStrument is “5D” in Roli-speak. 🙂
* 4 new LED colors: white, orange, lime and pink.
* 14-bit pressure resolution using LSB/MSB Control Change pairs.
* The MIDI OUT jack can now also act as a combined MIDI OUT and MIDI THRU.
* Panel and Foot Switches can now be assigned to Tap Tempo.

Click here to learn more and update your LinnStrument. All of these new features are in LinnStrument 128.

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