Roger Linn’s and Dave Smith’s Tempest Analog Drum Machine gets an update to version 1.3 software.

Tempest Analog Drum Machine owners were likely notified this past evening about the software update. The 1.3 software is now available for download via Roger Linn’s website here

Worth highlighting is the fact that this update sort of serves as a completion of sorts as stated “With this update, all Tempest panel controls are now fully implemented.”

Here is what Roger Linn Designs says about the Tempest Version 1.3 Software Update

Our Tempest Analog Drum Machine just gone a whole lot better with the release of the free Version 1.3 Software Update, including Play Lists (automatic playback of programmed sequences of drumbeats). While you can create Play Lists the normal way by entering a list of drumbeats manually on the screen, the real power comes in its ability to automatically capture your live beat arrangements in real time into a Play List for instant looped playback without stopping.

Other features include Undo Sound / Revert Sound, assign each incoming note number to play a specific sound pad, Change function of incoming MIDI notes with front-panel Pad Function buttons and System parameters are now organized by function into 7 different screens.

So for all you lucky Tempest owners go on over there and download your new update.

Haven’t had a chance to check out the Tempest? Shame on you. Dig this video demo by the homie Carson Day.

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