Black Lion Audio, known for its mods and upgrades to already great gear for the sake of making it better, relaunched the brand and website with a super fresh new look. Back in March we learned that BLA had been sold to realize it goals of bringing a new BLA interface to market by way of a new and unnamed investor. Well, if the new site is any indication we should expect big things from the good folks at BLA.

Along with the relaunch BLA unveiled a new mod offering for the UA Appollo. Incredible. Here is what BLA posted on their FB page regarding the new mod

It’s here!!! BLA APOLLO MOD!!! The mod will be available starting Monday June 1st. Below is an overview of the modification as well as pricing. Full details will be available on our website VERY SOON!

1. Analog path upgrade on EVERY analog input and output w/ new op-amps as well as signal path caps (almost all signal path caps replaced). The op-amps we use have great transient response and handle low frequencies very well. This will give added clarity and detail. The signal path caps we use are hi-fi audio grade caps and very smooth and open sounding.

2. Converter decoupling on all A/D and D/A converters using our proprietary decoupling methods found in the Signature, FM, and XB modifications. This reduces noise generated during the conversion process, leaving you with clear, crisp audio and added stereo width/depth.Back in March we learned that Black Lion Audio had been sold. The reason for selling was sited as “to provide the resources necessary to realize future releases that require an enormous amount of R&D (such as the BLA Interface…hooray!).”

Stop by and check out the fresh new site. Check it out.


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