Akai Pro says MPC Software 1.3 has been delayed. Fresh off the high anticipation and expectations of winter NAMM 2013 where Akai Pro let the cat out of the bag regarding the February 15th release of MPC Software 1.3 update… Houston we have a problem.

Its no surprise that so many are disappointed by the delay that Akai Pro kindly announced via their Facebook page on D day. But I can honestly say that if Akai makes good on their promise to add more improvements and stability to the update, it will do wonders for the rebuilding of their reputation with the users of their products.

The great thing about the interweb’s blogosphere and social community is that it allows companies like Akai nearly instant feedback on their products and planned updates. I’d be willing to bet that the huge amount of discussion surrounding the 1.3 update made Akai Pro go back to the drawing board if for nothing else but to cross their T’s and dot their I’s. The fact is that it can only prove benificial for the customer.

Here is what Akai had to say regarding the update delay on their Facebook page.

MPC Software 1.3 is going to bring serious improvements to the workflow, stability, and plugin integration within the program. We appreciate the excitement and anticipation of the MPC community and we’re working day and night to get you this update. We’ve continued to make improvements and add features as we go along and we will release the update as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. We promise you that MPC Software 1.3 will be worth the wait.

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