Our friends over at Modular Podcast sat down for a chat with Tony Rolando from Make Noise. I figured it was well worth a share. Click the play button on the image above to see the full 16 minute interview.

For those that may not know, Tony is the founder of Make Noise, one of the leading modular synth makers.

Div Kid of Modular Podcast digs in about modular drums, mixing and 0-Coast.

On drums, I personally think a Make Noise drum module would be awesome. However, we are not likely to see such a thing. But to Tony’s point, in the video, there are a gang of dope drum modules out there already.

“TipTop is making their 808 kick which is pretty spot on. Hex Inverter is doing his [sort of] riffs on the 808 drum sounds. And people love those. What more could you really add?”

They also touch on, Drum Machines

“Elektron nailed it! Then they nailed it again. And they’ll probably nail it again in 2 more years.”

On Mixing…

“We grow up seeing pictures of the artist leaning on a padded leather rest as they adjust an EQ or something. We romanticize this idea of the mixing console. But… mixing console. Is that really part of the modular synthesizer as an instrument?”

Tony goes on to explain his ideas on “decentralized mixing” where one could conceivably buy several Optomix modules, place them at various points in your rack and chain them together via the Aux in and Mix Out. This would essentially perform like a mixer. I think that’s a really dope way to accomplish such a task.

On the 0-Coast

“What I’ve noticed in watching all the videos …of the 0-Coast is that very few people use the midi.”  Tony goes on to say “I’m excited to see that but I’m also surprised.”

All in all, props and salute to Div Kid / Modular Podcast on this great interview with Tony Rolando.

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