Behringer unveiled a working prototype of the Model D clone that they’d previously teased. The Behringer Model D clone is not a 1:1 clone but it seems to come pretty close. Of course, the most obvious difference is the size and form factor. It’s more akin to the mother 32 in terms of form factor.

At any rate the Behringer Model D clone has official made a real appearance.

Here are Uli’s thoughts about clones in general

Many people have asked us to revive synth jewels from the past and make them affordable so everyone can own one. This very much resonates with me because when I was a kid, I spent hours in stores playing and admiring those synths – however I couldn’t afford them which was tremendously frustrating.

Frankly, I never understood why someone would charge you US$ 4,000 for a MiniMoog, when the components just cost around US$ 200.

We at Midas and Behringer believe in bringing these instruments back and making them affordable so everyone can play and enjoy them.

My guy Nick Batt at Sonic State got to speak to Pete from Midas about the little Behringer Model D clone beast. It’s tough to tell how it really sounds via video but you be the judge. Check the video out. S/O to Nick and Pete!

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