Uli Behringer gives a sneak peak at the DeepMind12 Desktop

In the classic fashion of Uli Behringer (Music Group CEO / owner of Behringer and Midas), the DeepMind12 Desktop Prototype was posted on the GearSlutz forum. The sneak peak has the natives talking a good deal about it.

Anyone that is familiar with Uli knows he’s done a great job with staying connected to the synth community via GearSlutz.com since the announcement of the 12 voice analog DeepMind12 synthesizer. The DeepMind12 Desktop Prototype is no exception.

In Uli’s initial post about the DeepMind12 Desktop prototype, he appears to be soliciting feedback on DM12-D’s viability or desirability based on the probable price point;

I’d like to share with you the prototype of the DeepMind12 desktop version.

While this is a working sample, we have not yet decided if we will actually put it in production. In order to achieve an attractive sales price that is below the keyboard version, we would require substantial production volume.

Perhaps you could share with us what your level of interest is if the product would be available at around US$ 899.


As the thread goes on there are some questions regarding price point. The DeepMind12 Desktop version is weighs in at just $100 cheaper than the keyboard version. Many wondered if the discount was deep enough to make the sell. Some said they’d gladly pay $899 based on the fact that they just don’t need or want yet another keyboard. Others simple expressed that they’d gladly pay the $899 and more given the space limitations of their own studios. From that perspective, the small footprint of the DeppMind12 Desktop is indeed the premium feature worth the extra cost.

Admittedly, my own thought was that we would not see the DeepMind 12 keyboard released at $999 given the price point of the desktop version. I figured they’d just raise the keyboard price to $1100 – $1199 (still a great deal) to make the production run of the desktop worth their while. Perhaps that would offset things a bit?

Here is what Uli had to say about it;

“The feedback we are getting from our distribution channels is a ratio of around 7:1 between keyboard and desktop version and these numbers might be similar with other synth makers. We are trying to figure out if this ratio is accurate and hence the question to you all.

Frankly a 7:1 ratio would be challenging for us as the production cost for the desktop could potentially be higher than the keyboard version since the production volume would be much lower.

As I explained in an earlier post, the only reason why [we] can offer the DeepMind12 for such a low price, is the immense production volume and intense negotiations with our component suppliers. Offering the product for such a low price frankly is a gamble for us as our own profit margin is extremely slim.

However the suggested price of USD 999 (US market) for the DeepMind12 stands and we are committed to deliver the product as announced.”

Uli went on to acknowledge the many requests for multi-timbrality in the thread. here he explains the improbability of implimenting multi-timbrality strictly based on the limitations of the hardware in relation to this particular feature.

“On a side note, we hear your request for multi-timbrality and other substantial feature changes. Frankly, this is not possible with the current hardware design and any such changes would require the development of complete new synthesizer. However we will be able to potentially add features through software upgrades in the future provided they are possible within the hardware framework. Thanks for engaging with me.”


To the question “would the Desktop version be rack mountable?” Uli answers;

“The unit would ship with wood cheeks and we would include the rack mount kit at no extra charge.”

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